People Are Not Mind Readers!

In every of our communication with our colleagues and stakeholders, the best form of communication is when it is clear and unambiguous. When we expect to have our colleagues to read between the lines, the foundation for poor work has been laid. How many times have been frustrated as result of someone expecting you to have read her/his mind? You have lost count? Good, imagine how many lost opportunities for growth and greater sustainability your enterprise have lost? The easiest way to do that sum is review the number of times you had expected your colleague or stakeholder to have read your mind in the last 1 week, multiply that by a factor of at least 2. What you get is the amount of lost productivity and sustainable growth for that relationship or enterprise to thrive.

The workplace is not for mind reading. It’s for work to be done and in an atmosphere of mutual health and harmony. Every time, I expect my mind to be read, when am supposed to be clear in my communication, I miss a productivity point for growth in all fronts. As we go about our work chores, let’s try and be clear in our communication so that people can use their minds to do better things in the workplace. Let’s make communication clear in all its varieties and channels visible for us to see at least 99% of the time. That way our enterprises can grow and we can create a society where mutual love and respect thrives.

Someone may say what about when the other party doesn’t just understand? Well, make it clear the best you can! And if it still doesn’t make sense, ask the person, how will he feel if his child can’t make simple unit summation in 6th grade? Why is he in that position in the 1st place? That said, clear communication is a skill that must also be learnt. Clear communication comes from good study materials you feed your mind with.
The next time you give your next instruction, be mindful of the fact that your recipients and colleagues require that you are clear for them to help you achieve that goal.

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