Covid19: Don’t Rush Keep Moving

As enterprises grapple with the consequences of this pandemic on their business operations, the tendency to rush into normal business resumption is quite high. Not that this is a bad response, but not taking a deeper reflection into what will be the next normal, could make many organizations suffer the #COVID19 effects itself.

Like we are now witnessing, the bleeding has begun with the pay cuts, layoffs, furloughs and businesses closing down. Wait a minute, have we really soaked this in? Could it be we and our teams are making a rush too early? Me thinks we still can soak this in, with a different lens, but a rush for the exit doors (bleeding) may not just be the right ultimate response.

While, the cloud may appear dark, the horizons look different to many. And I do believe being able to see what the horizons look like will help organizations and individuals; respond better as we grapple with the full effects of #COVID19. Some of the things that could help us respond better are a good and great bench strength, resilient and excellent technology infrastructure, a leadership that is ready to cede control to a #trusted team with the right competencies and experience, a #workplace where success and failure is shared collectively, but owned by the #leader. Creating an environment like this or even better, will help organizations to #keepmoving, with a greater focus on the #horizon, not the dark clouds of the moment.

Let’s stay strong, we will also beat this.

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