Work is what you Do

Here are a few things you need to wake up in your search for jobs, especially if you are located in Sub-Saharan Africa. Jobs are changing, and so should you. How do I mean? New businesses are evolving and becoming bigger, you need to develop skills and competencies to match these new jobs. It does not matter what discipline you began with; you can end up as an expert in any of the emerging disciplines once you do a deep dive into any one of them, and even establish your firm.

One example. Take Advertising practitioners in the 80s to early 2000s, who has taken most of their jobs? SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS! Are they corporate entities? If you know the number of these firms that have closed to those that have reinvented themselves, the picture will become clearer.

Another example. #COVID19 has changed the meaning of FTE (Full Time Employee) to what? Contract Employees. Workforce recruitment will change, in fact it has already, you just have not seen it. What should you do? Start amassing those skills/competencies through projects and RUN.

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