It’s not a NUCLEAR BOMB!

As we are all getting ready to go back to work, certain shifts have taken place in the last 6-8weeks of the #lockdown (partial or total). We have all experienced it and were even players in the shift. This shift have been given different names and acronyms #newnormal #nextnormal #WFH and the warehouses they thrived in #virtualmeeting #virtualconference #webinar #virtualworkshops #virtualtrainings and a plethora of possibilities that has taken place and are still taking place. The real point for me and some others is, how come that humans responded with such speed and effectiveness at keeping the human ecosystem still functioning? We did it so well, even the universe and aliens must have been jealous at how we made a seeming dangerous shift into almost a business as usual response.

Companies rolled out their business continuity plans with such alacrity as things unfolded, humans made a piece of cake of key stages of the “new ecosystem” which humans to keep earth functioning. I say it was not a NUCLEAR BOMB event! We didn’t respond as people who had no adequate preparation to such shift that brought a new year (2020) into real focus and how it will shape our next life experiences going forward. We showed how science, technology and arts have been so woven together to bring calm and near normalcy to our ecosystem. Our response to #COVID19 and its consequences was swift, collegial, focused, disciplined and in charity. Who will believe we will see the power of #diversityandinclusion manifest in such a short span of time, we left our differences behind and sought to thrive in our commonality? Earth’s #sustainability. We saw a glimpse of how if we take the lessons, we can improve by some good factor how we can improve #climateaction for earth’s sustainability.

I say it was not a nuclear bomb, but a call to action to improve our #ecosystem to reflect the urgency we need to make for a better world for humans now and for #nextgenerations.

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